IP Global Network, IPGN, is a young and progressive network founded for the purpose “enabling invited members to have the opportunity to meet and to know each other, with the objective of looking at ways that business can be done together.

IPGN is managed by a truly international committee and the administration is all done in Malaysia.

IPGN is a non-profit organization and the minimal annual fees ar e simply used to cover administration costs.

This ensures that members are not simply invited to have large numbers, all paying healthy annual fees, so that the Network is a profitable Company.

Quite the opposite, Our objective is to develop a sound network of international forwarders, all looking to develop sound working relationships with fellow members who have a similar altitude. The controlling factor is Quality rather than Quantity.

Different companies will have strengths in different areas such as sea freight, airfreight, consolidations, and so on, so we do not limit the membership to I company per country. The membership is controlled by what potential members can offer fellow members in terms of services, marketing and overall professionalism.

IPGN is, and will always remain, a group of progressive, professional freight forwarders offering each other services and the opportunity to do sound business together, enabling each member to develop their business in a profitable manner.

IPGN, an Innovative and Progressive Global Network!

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