Our Code Of Ethics


IN RECOGNITION. of the requirement that the members of the IP Global Network should maintain Ore highest ethical and professional standards and be mindful of the need to foster public trust and confidence in the logistics industry, the IP Global Network has published the following Code of Ethical Conduct for adoption by its members. Therefore, every member of the IP Global Network shall:

  1. Discharge its obligations to its clients efficiently, competently, honestly and with integrity and shall seek to enhance the good standing and reputation of the industry by fostering good relations with its clients, suppliers, other business partners and fellow members.
  2. Keep information received from its clients confidential and shall only divulge such information to a third party with the express consent of the client concerned, or to the extent required by law, or to execute the business.
  3. Associate itself only with enterprises, transactions and dealings which are lawful in nature and which enhance the reputation of the IP Global Network.
  4. Refrain from engaging in any restrictive trade practices, or unlawful cartels and shall ensure that any position of the market dominance is exercised honorably.
  5. Market its services on its own merits, shall complete for business fairly, and shall refrain from denigrating the reputation or good name of a fellow member.
  6. Inform its clients of its commitment of the Code by ensuring that a copy thereof is displayed prominently in its reception or equivalent public space, in each of the offices from which that member trades, and shall furthermore procure the awareness of, and commitments to, the provisions of the Code by each of its employees.


Rules of Engagement

TO be a member Of IP Global (IPGN) in good standing and integrity, we pledge to abide fully to these business ethics and standards when dealings with fellow IP Global Network members or partners.

  1. Pledge to attend IPGNs Annual General Meeting (or at least send a representative – This clause is mandatory to qualify for annual renewal).
  2. Pledge to actively trade with at LEAST three other members within the IPGN network to qualify for annual renewal.
  3. Pledge to offer fullest support to all fellow members/partners.
  4. Pledge to be competent, efficient and prompt when we undertake to provide services.
  5. Pledge to be abide to the standard communication / response time with fellow members / partners (within 24hours).
  6. Pledge to participate in every bona file sales activities with fellow members’ / partners’ for mutual benefits.
  7. Pledge to respect fellow members / partners by refraining from back selling to their clientele.
  8. Pledge to execute shipment Instructions in accordance to the Shipping Advance.
  9. Pledge to settle dues / out-standings promptly in accordance to the pre-defined payment term among fellow members / partners,
  10. Pledge to participate in IPGN’s group development plans and its activities.
  11. Pledge to utilize the IPGN’s Logo where ever is possible.
  12. Pledge to seek assistance from IPGN to arbitrate in disputes or disagreements between follow members / Partners.




Business opportunities

IP Global Network is committed to help its members to improve their profits by providing opportunities to increase business and expand into new markets.

Partners all around the world

As a truly global group of networks, IP Global Network offers its members top-quality partners the world over – 3461 member offices in 173 countries.

Professional agents

To become a IP Global Network member, a freight forwarder must demonstrate quality, experience and financial strength.

Value for money

With their superior local knowledge, IP Global Network members know how to obtain good rates for your cargo. The huge group buying power of IP Global Network enables members to offer the best prices anywhere.

Full service

IP Global Network members have the power to provide all the services a shipper needs, handling your shipment with the added bonus of local expertise to take care of any unusual requirements.


IP Global Network members are recognized as the best in the business by other freight forwarders, shippers and importers.


With regular news broadcasts and updated member rosters, members are kept abreast of all new events or regulations at all times and also possess the most up-to-date contact information on fellow members.

Annual Conference

Member Meetings held every year to enhance relations and build business. This is where you can meet a world of forwarders in one room, saving you thousands of dollars in traveling cost alone.


With your participants by joining the IP Global Network, this is a platform to introduce your good company among the forwarder members.
If you want a platforms that offers reliable forwarder members, a global network community, and the opportunity for advancement, come to join IP Global Network.

Terms & Conditions Agreement

Article — 1

All members shall agree to represent each other as IP Global Network business associates for the purposes of carrying out Transportation & Logistics services, Sea and Air.

Article — 2

All members agree to send each other Sales Leads, NET Buying Costs on an exclusive basis and the relevant sales information is not to be released to third party.

Article — 3

All members agree to comply with the IP Global Network Code Of Ethics and standard of professional conduct for IP Global Network activities:-

  • All correspondence shall be responded to within 24 hours unless a holiday Or weekend occurs.
  • All quotation quoted must valid or with validity date given, otherwise the member must not deny the quotation given.
  • Any changes in quotation must in writing and acknowledged by the party concerned.


Article — 4

  • No agency fee shall be charged/ levied to each other in regard to all free hand shipment unless it’s an LCL sea freight  Consignment and then only as per market practice.
  • Profit Share on 50% – 50% basic for shipment under mutual efforts.
  • Profit Share on subjective basic for individual efforts.


Article — 5

Any financial matters / shipment arrangements shall fall under individual agency agreements undertaken between members and all risks are confined to members not IP Global Network.

It is strongly recommended that all members have an agency agreement in place with each trading partner.

All outstanding invoices are to be settled by either party on 30days or monthly basis for Sea Freight Consignments.

All outstanding invoices are to be settled within 10 days for Air Freight Consignments

All members Companies shall agree to reconcile accounting invoices on a monthly basis.

Individual Companies shall bear the exchange rate lost or gain under foreign currency practice. If the amount does not justify bank transfer due to the small amount (below USD500.00), this can then be settled during the annual meeting. However, cumulative amounts totaling USD$500 must be paid in the normal accounting period.

Article — 6

All members shall agree and acknowledge that IP Global Network companies are associate business members and all members Companies are separate entities ONLY using the same IP Network Logo to promote and enhance the IP Network.

Article — 7

An institute “Lien Clause” shall be agreed by all members as the last resort if there is no amicable solution to resolve or recover the long pending overdue invoices.

Article — 8

All members shall not miss-declare or commit any fraudulent activities pertaining to any shipments and shall not deny any legal claims for damages shown to be due to the involving party due to mistakes, errors, omissions or negligence.

Article — 9

All members will have access to trade secrets and proprietary information among members. Each individual party shall keep this confidential and shall not divulge, publish or disclose any such trade secrets and proprietary information of any party to any Third Party other than in the pursuit of objectives under this agreement for mutual benefit of both members companies.

Article — 10

IP Global Network membership Fee will be as follows :-

Introduction Fee – USD500.00 per member per country (Inclusive first year membership fee)

Annual Fee – USD200.00 per member per country

This agreement will become effective after signatory and endorsement by all members and will remain in effect upon payment of the annual fees.

However, any member can terminate the agreement by serving 30 days in advance by written notice thereby acknowledging no refund will be issued.

This agreement can be terminated upon violation by any party of the articles herein contained. The party being financially injured has the right to claim for financial compensation against the violating party in the event the other party violates the contract of agreement as stipulated.

Members choosing to leave the network or leaving the network due to violation of the Terms & Conditions or code Of Ethics are bound to not disclose any confidential information obtained whilst a member of the IP Network.

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